Super Girl Birthday Banner

This may be the cutest thing we have ever created! We had a custom order for a super girl banner with a twist! (We love twists!)

Our Super Hero line is very popular! She wanted different colors that our original super hero banner, and she wanted to incorporate a crown into the theme! So we came up with this:


We put the crown on Super Girls chest with her daughters initial inside!


For the age we put it on a crown instead of a superman symbol.



Bubble banner and Montage in one.


We had quite a creative custom order come through! She wanted our bubble banner and a montage but just didn’t have the room for BOTH! So she came up with the idea of putting 13 extra large “bubble” on the birthday banner that she could cut photos and put onto the banner. Such a creative idea! I hope she sends us photos of the end result!


Ladybug High Chair Banner

Our ladybug theme is very popular! We recently updated our lady bug high chair banner. We realized that when the high chair banner says, “I am 1” it makes for a very long banner to fit on a small high chair. So we decided to change all of our high chair banners to say, “I’m 1”. We allows it to fit much better on the high chair AND we were able to bring down the cost of the banner! A win for all!

DSC_0415 (2)

Sailboat 3-tiered Welcome Sign


This is our newest theme! (We have been creating a lot lately!!!)

This nautical theme is absolutely adorable! Perfect for a spring/summer birthday party! It will be personalized with any three words you would like! Anchors popped of the middle tier really bring home the nautical theme!

We have matching banners, centerpieces, cake toppers, invitations and hanging decorations to make your entire party complete!

Under the Sea High Chair Banner

Our new Sea Creatures line also comes in a high chair banner! Totally adorable! We used royal blue stripes and polka dots and lime green circles! Orange “I’m 1” popped off the circles and all tied together with matching ribbons. These colors are so cute together, but we can do ANY color combo.DSC_0520

We displayed it with our whale and octopus, but we can do ANY sea creature including these:

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