We are so excited about our new sale going on over at R&R Creations! We are doing somewhat of a new branding of our shop. The competition out there, for what we do, is tough and we needed to find a way to stand out! We realized that the themes that sell really well in our shop is our custom items:

Bubble, Winter Wonderland, Monster, Ladybug

So we decided to get rid of our “create a critter” themes. (Things anyone with a Cricut cutting machine can do!) We can’t compare with the prices out there! But we have such a talented designer on our staff who is able to create amazing themes. Her eye for design is spot on and she can do no wrong!

Now, we are looking at growing our custom themes. We have a few specific ones and are open to any other themes/ideas as well!

Themes to revamp:

Butterfly, Farm/Cowboy, Pirate, Dino, Sunshine

Monster (we did create it, but it was so long ago, it needs revamping too!)


So obviously we need to entice buyers to allow us to change, tweek and adjust these themes!

So what we are offering is this:

1) Waive the Custom creation fee (hours of time developing these new themes)

2) FREE name banner when purchasing a birthday banner

This comes out to be a $30 value just for making something you want EVEN better! How can you say no!

Now are you interested?


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