Crown Party

One of our favorite customers is always recommending us to her friends and family! We were able to create this custom party theme for someone she knows! She is throwing a Bridal Cocktail party with a Royal Theme! They are using the saying, “Eat, Pink, and Get Married” as their phrase!


The banner has crowns on the ends and each word is on its own square. The words are shadowed in gray and popped off the white circle, which are glued to a light pink damask circle…which are popped off the square! Whew!!! That’s 5 layers of paper! It is all strung with a shimmery light pink ribbon.



She also ordered some notecards that she will have the guests fill out. Then, the happy couple can read one on each anniversary! Such a great idea! They have the pink crown shadowed in white with a white number shadowed in the damask.


Food tents will be placed next to the food to identify what all the yummy snack are being served!



The favor tags are pretty detailed as well. We usually just do a silhouette of the shape with Thanks on it. But these have two layers of circles (pink and damask) a shadowed gray crown popped off and thanks glued below the crown.




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